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Petra postmus
interior design

Timeless Chic Interiors


'Elegant & Chic interiors with a character'


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Dutch Interior Design

Petra Postmus Design Studio creates classic and elegant interiors which feel timeless and comfortable. Inspired by interiors from the past.

The kind of furniture, textiles, colour palettes and decor used reference history, and are familiar, rather than trend-setting.

About Petra Postmus

She is a Dutch Award winning Interior Designer Her interiordesign practice is based in Greece. She works for both residential and commercial clients in Greece, the Netherlands and abroad. Her pleasure is to create a castle for her clients, all infused with a fresh modern sensibility. Her signature: warm, chic, elegant and colourful interiors

Why choose Petra Postmus?

An exclusive and custom made interior for you

Authentic and colourful award winning designs

Guidance through the whole project.

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